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Domo Connector

Combine the power of Domo and Yext to gain brand new insights.

Domo brings business intelligence, data visualization, dashboards, and reporting all together in one intuitive platform. With over 1,000 apps to choose from, Domo can be tailored to leverage the expertise and workflows your team needs to succeed. And with the Domo app for Yext, you can gain new insights by combining the intelligence brought to you by Domo with that in Yext.

The Domo app for Yext makes viewing customer engagement and performance metrics across the PowerListings® Network even more seamless by collocating your Yext insights with those already stored in Domo. Centralize your Yext and Domo insights, according to the unique needs of your business, to make faster and better-informed business decisions.

View the data that matters most across every site, platform, and device with the Domo app for Yext:
- Import any data stored in Knowledge Manager, as well as your Listings, Reviews, and Analytics data into Domo
- Match existing Domo data related to locations, such as store revenue, to location data and view store performance geospatially
- Monitor trends in customer sentiment by combining Yext Reviews insights with other location-based KPIs, as well as tracking average review ratings over periods of time

To install this app, you’ll need a Domo account and a Yext account with a minimum of a few months worth of Analytics data. You will also be required to provide your Domo subdomain (e.g.

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