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Greenhouse Jobs Sync

Sync job data from Greenhouse to Yext to amplify your recruiting efforts

Greenhouse is an applicant tracking system and recruiting software designed to help businesses find candidates, conduct interviews, and optimize their recruiting process. Greenhouse is an integrated platform that streamlines various recruiting activities including planning hiring processes, sourcing job applications, managing interview rounds, and organizing post-hiring activities.

The Greenhouse app automatically syncs job data such as title, description, location, and application URL to Yext on an hourly cadence. Any time you add, update, or remove a job posting in Greenhouse these same changes will occur in Yext. Now you can extend the reach of your Greenhouse job data even further to power Yext products such as Answers and Pages!

In order to install this app, you will need a Greenhouse account and a Yext account with a subscription to the Base Package or higher (with available Job entities).

Installation Instructions
- Navigate to the App Directory in your Yext account and click on the Greenhouse app.
- Click “Install”.
- Use your Yext credentials to authorize the app to access your account.
- Follow the instructions to retrieve your unique API key from Greenhouse and enter it in the space provided.
- Follow the instructions to retrieve your job board token from Greenhouse and enter it in the space provided.
- Indicate whether you would like jobs deleted in Greenhouse to also be deleted in your Yext account.
- Click “Confirm and Sync”
- Your jobs are now syncing from Greenhouse to Yext!

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