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JRNI (formerly BookingBug)

JRNI (formerly BookingBug)

Integrate Yext with JRNI to drive appointment and event bookings.


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JRNI (formerly BookingBug)

Integrate Yext with JRNI to drive appointment and event bookings.

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In an era where companies struggle to harmonize digital and in-person interactions, JRNI, the leader in optimizing the customer journey, and Yext, the leader in driving digital discovery, revenue, and engagement, are enabling businesses to build stronger customer relationships, deliver exceptional experiences, and drive more revenue.

JRNI’s integration with Yext lets businesses drive increased appointment and event bookings by enabling Yext Pages, Yext Listings, and Yext for Events pages with scheduling capabilities.

JRNI and Yext work together seamlessly to keep location, appointment, and event data up to date. Yext remains the source of truth for your location and event data, while the JRNI Importer keeps the information in sync. The central dashboard provides users with real-time statuses of all synced location and event data for efficient management of the data between the two systems.

To install the app you will need to be a JRNI customer and subscribe to the Yext Base Package.

Central dashboard: The dashboard provides Yext administrators with real-time statuses of each location.
Automated location sync: Enables administrators to automate the syncing of all new locations created and changes made in Yext directly to JRNI.
Manual import of location data: Alternatively, Yext administrators can manually import location data by selecting the locations that require importing.
Appointment enabled Yext Pages: Enterprises can offer appointment booking to customers on Yext location pages by enabling JRNI’s appointment scheduling link.
Manual events import: Yext for Events administrators can manually import all new events created and changes directly to JRNI’s event management application.
Booking enabled Yext for Event Pages: Enterprises can offer event booking on Yext for Events pages by enabling JRNI’s event scheduling link.
Installation Instructions
– Install JRNI from your Yext Admin Console
– Open JRNI App
– Authorize JRNI to access your Yext Account
– Log into JRNI using your JRNI credentials

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