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Enhance your Yext publisher listings by syncing your Lobster generated local images into Yext.

Lobster enables brands and marketers to license UGC photo & video content directly from social media users for marketing purposes. With pioneering AI technology, Lobster accesses all of the main social networks (Instagram, Flickr, Facebook, Vk, YouTube, Vimeo), along with cloud archives like Dropbox, making consumers’ photos available to marketers and automatically clearing permissions.

With the Lobster and Yext integration, Location Marketing becomes amazingly visual, showing your locations to new and returning customers through the lens of other consumers. Millions of hyperlocal, socially attractive and authentic photos, available with a royalty-free license to add to your Yext locations.

Install Lobster App for Yext in order to:
• Search for photos of locations, venues and surroundings made by users from Instagram, Facebook, Flickr and others
• Purchase a royalty-free license, to which 75% of the price goes to the author and clears usage the rights
• Choose between a Standard license starting at $1, which is suitable for small businesses, or a Full license from $101 - ideal for large brands with over 1 million views per photo across your location marketing
• Heavy users can get a subscription with additional smart filters and 60% off all license prices, starting at $70 per month
• Send the photo directly to your Yext profile to appear in assets and use across locations and channels

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