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Marketo Lead Generation

Marketo Lead Generation

Collect leads in Yext, convert them through Marketo.

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Marketo Lead Generation

Collect leads in Yext, convert them through Marketo.

Lead Generation
Marketo, a leader in marketing automation software, makes it easy to store key information about all of your contacts — and your interactions with them — in one place. Marketo's Lead Management Solution helps you attract, score, nurture, and deliver purchase-ready leads to your sales team.

The Marketo Lead Generation App combines the power of your Yext scan tool and Marketo. Yext Partners leveraging their customizable scan tool can automatically create a lead in their Marketo account whenever someone scans a business on their website.

Demonstrate the need for digital knowledge management and connect with customers seamlessly, by following up with every single customer — prospects and loyalists alike:
Map fields — like name, address, phone, lead source (Yext), and scan URL — from your Yext scan tool to those in Marketo
Automatically capture leads each time a potential lead submits their information through your scan
Easily reference a lead’s scan results via the captured scan URL in outreach

To install this app, you’ll need a Marketo account and a Yext account with a configured scan tool.
Installation Instructions
1) Navigate to the Marketo Lead Generation app in the Yext App Directory and click “Install.”
2) On the app installation page, click “Install on Yext.”
3) Use your Yext credentials to authorize the app to access your account.
4) Enter your Marketo credentials (Client ID, Client Secret, and Identity URL) to authorize the app to access your Marketo account.
5) You will be redirected to the “Configure Fields” screen. This is where you can indicate how the fields in Yext will map to the fields in Marketo for each collected lead. You will most likely not need to change any of these fields.
6) Click “Save.”
7) You are now syncing your new Yext Scan Tool leads to Marketo!

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