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Power your Snaps chatbot with Yext Knowledge, seamlessly.

By Snaps Media, Inc.

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Power your Snaps chatbot with Yext Knowledge, seamlessly.

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What is Snaps?
9 out of 10 people want to communicate with businesses through messaging.
Snaps helps brands expand their customer base and increase lifetime value through chatbots, voice skills & social messaging experiences.

Benefits of Snaps
Build and update your bot with our proprietary Chatbot Authoring Tool in just a few minutes. No developer required.
Snaps powers automated chat across platforms. Write once and deploy on platforms like Facebook Messenger, web chat, SMS, and Google Business Messaging.
Leverage customer support teams, CRM, and custom data sets to tailor the bot experience for every customer.
The Snaps platform applies machine learning to our publishing engine to be more predictive about the type of content and the time a consumer is likely to engage.
Get actionable Chatbot analytics, insights and more.

Integration with Yext
The Snaps app for Yext makes your enterprise automated chat experience even better by centralizing your Yext location data in your Snaps account.
Create an automated assistant with Snaps and provide customers with real-time, location-based business information courtesy of your Yext knowledge data.
Consumers will be able to get directions to the nearest location of your store, easily call the location, and see hours of operations all within their chat experience.

- To install this app, you’ll need a Snaps account, as well as a Yext account with Live API access.
- Enable this integration by going to the "Integrations" tab on the left-hand sidebar in the Snaps console and log into your Yext account.

See how Yext can help you deliver Official Answers wherever people search so you can grow your business.